Sunday, May 27, 2012



Location: New York
Age: N/A

Began making pony music in the spring of 2011 (tracks now on their soundcloud) and has continued with brand new metal songs since (tracks on their youtube). Their current highlighted pony tunes would be "Suicide Notes (Octavia's Theme) ft. Bagpipe Brony" and their glam metal cover of "Shadow of a Flower". For those loving rock and metal (and occasionally catgirls too) seek them out.

Notable track: Friendship is Symphonic Metal - Suicide Notes (Octavia's Theme) ft. Bagpipe Brony
Forever and a Day ft. Metajoker by Dethonator
Element of Slaughter by Dethonator

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  1. Just a comment on this but all the of the links here are broken. Also all but one of Dethonator's(now known as Lolicide) aside from "Something Fixed" have been removed from his youtube channel and his old Soundcloud name is currently in use by a British heavy metal band.