Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sugarholik / Mike Gallop


Location: Finland
Age: 18

While not a common brony name yet he's been around since June 2011 and has some rather great tracks that show off some incredibly upbeat music. From the recent 4/4 happy hardcore version of "Smile", to the older happy hardcore "Waiting For Spring" and "εїз εїз εїз", and the upbeat vocal trance of "Love Is In Bloom" you'll find quite a bit of sugar-fueled energy present. If you haven't checked him out yet it might be time to take notice.Oh and he goes by Sugarholik now. Sweeeet!

Notable track: Smile!
Smile! by MikeGallop

  Love Is In Bloom by MikeGallop Waiting For Spring by MikeGallop Giggle At The Ghostie [Remix] by MikeGallop

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