Friday, October 19, 2012

Kenneth Sithan

Location: South California
Age: 19

"Kenneth Sithan is a multi-instrumentalist that often has the gall to feature his untrained voice in recordings. Though currently a student of music in the classical idiom, he cannot escape his roots in the vulgar styling’s of rock and roll and other blues based music genres. It would be vain on his part to consider that his current musical releases break any grounds, but he tends to defy strict classification on the grounds of eclectic taste and output. Let’s just assume that if there is a musical style that makes use of drums, two guitars, a bass, and one or more singers, he’ll probably attempt to dive in. Kenneth has been cited as saying, “yo, I swear I’ll put out more interesting stuff later. I’m just trying to get better little by little, man.”"

Notable track: Kenneth-Nacht Fürstin (Princess of the Night FiW)

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