Saturday, April 14, 2012


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Location: Russia
Age: 20

The great thing about the Brony community is how quickly new people can show up and make a quick impact and get hundreds of Youtube subscribers overnight. Archie, from Moscow, is just one of these amazing artists (specializing in electro house) who entered the community in December 2011 and landed like a sonic rainboom. Archie has gone through a variety of youtube channels (several previous channels were hacked), gone between pony and non-pony tracks, and had some health issues, but he still continues to this day. One of our most popular musicians.

Notable Example: "Love is in bloom (Archie Remix)"


  1. One of my most favorite brony musicians, no matter what anyone else says. The first track I've listened to was "Art of the Dress." Good times! I wish he at least kept his MLP account tho..

  2. Archie has a big future in the music industry at large. It's understandable he had to take down the pony account and become more easily marketable. Society's labels against bronies would only hold him back. He still calls his podcasts Pony Up Podcasts and his latest song, Rosa which he "did for lulz" with Silva Hound shows he still very much appreciates the fandom. Some people get too bent out of shape about these things though. ^^)

  3. Well he's put up and taken down channel after channel. Great musician but make up your mind and stick with a channel plz.

    1. well his accounts are constantly being hacked so i dont really blame him

  4. I wish he'd kept on going as a brony showing the world bronies aren't such bad people as they think. Though the road would be harsh and unforgivingly tough, he'd get there eventually :)

    1. Dude, Archie is back... fallen dreams was uploaded last week man.

      Pony Archie (Official)

      "Published on Dec 26, 2013
      I`m back."