Saturday, September 1, 2012

Second Chances - a BMD monthly event

We'll keep you posted tomorrow about what was submitted, let you view those tracks, and allow anyone to vote for their favorites.  Would have loved more submissions but appreciate those that took the time to email us their music. 

Official website: Second Chances

Submission dates are for tracks with Youtube publishing dates of 
7/01 to 8/15.
People can submit tracks until the end of the day on 9/15
At which point we have a week of voting until 9/21.
We'll need wav's from any of the winners and we'll release the comp on 10/1 or before that if we use bandcamp. After that we follow the same schedule but for the next month IF we do this again.

Please go to our tumblr for the FULL rules and info on submitting.

Any questions or concerns? Ask us in the mlr thread. Please do not submit tracks in the comments :)


  1. Name: Error404

    The Night:
    DL Link:

  2. Name: Metapony



  3. Please don't post your submissions here. We have a tumblr page which will be the home to Second Chances, containing, amongst other essential things and features, info on how to submit your tracks.

    Thank you.

    1. And if you didn't follow the recent post updates, here's the link just in case: