Thursday, March 1, 2012

Forums are great place to openly post, read, and chat about many subjects. These are some of the various music heavy forums we can recommend to hang out on.

MLR is the home to Brony Musicans and opened in the end of June 2011. It is a forum and resource that welcomes new and old brony musicians to remix, review, and collaborate with each other. You’ll get plenty of discussions by brony musicians, tools and techniques for improving your musical skills, and be able to post your music for positive critique. Not necessarily designed as a fansite but if you are a brony musician this is a place that's essential to visit regularly. Also home to an active IRC chat.

Make sure to go to the Introduction Thread first if you register....

MLP Forums is a great active forum for MLP fans. Lots of features, active conversations and threads, a great mature community, and a soon to be music hosting site. It's highly recommended and goign to be the centerpiece for the new brony music hosting site Pony.FM.

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