Friday, April 18, 2014

Gouranga Devangelion


Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Age: 21

"As a teenager I've been largely influenced by Industrial music (Snakeskin, God Module, V.A.C.), which I think gives an unique style to my songs. I became a Brony in 2011 and since then most my songs have been MLP themed (by themed I mean inspired). Below you'll find a mix of Dark Ambiance/Electronic music all done with technology of the 80's." 

Notable track (Maud's State of Mind):

Sunday, April 6, 2014



Location: Finland
Age: 18

"Hi! I'm a Finnish guy making music about ponies. 
Mainly focused to metal, but I'm open to almost every genre. My songs usually contain melodic vocals and neo-classical styled guitar playing. (I'm a huge fan of Bach)"

Notable track (Move on):

Friday, March 21, 2014

Trigger the Dragon/Drakon


Location: Michigan
Age: 19

"I am a singer, songwriter, composer, and just all around fun loving dude. Ponies got me into music, and I'm so happy they did. I make mostly electronic music (And by electronic, I mean Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Drumstep, etc.) and I also sing my own vocals for my music as well. My most popular song "Living in Darkness" was my first vocal song, and it also included a "Dramatic Reading" of sorts in the beginning that listeners seemed to enjoy. My music was originally influenced by other brony artists such as MictheMicrophone, and Glaze, but after my first few songs, I started to find my sound and I continue to evolve and grow through my music. Unfortunately, I haven't done any collabs to date, but i am more than willing to start. I also love meeting new people in the brony community, especially other musicians."

Notable track (Living in Darkness):

Tuesday, March 18, 2014



Age: 22
Location: N/A

“Well, I’m mainly a singer and lyricist that has made all sorts of pony parodies over the last year. A lot of them are comedic because I’ve strived to become the “Weird Al” of the fandom, but I write and sing many serious ones as well. My most recent major work was being the lyricist for “Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera” by The L-Train. I’m also a voice actor and the Voice and Music Director for Stable-Tec Studios, which is producing the Fallout: Equestria animated series. I am a huge fan of Fallout: Equestria, and most of my most popular songs cover subject matter from the story.”

Notable track (King Sombra - In the Dark of the Night Parody Rewrite): 

Monday, March 17, 2014



Age: 16

Coloriot is a musician who throws stuff together in Ableton and calls it house. He also likes to mess with other genres. A lot. Maybe a bit too much. But he loves getting to know other people through music and is always willing to collaborate, remix, and meet new people. He often tries to promote musicians he thinks are truly great, while trying to get himself out there as well.

Sunday, March 16, 2014



Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Age: 31

Launching into the MLP:FiM music scene in early 2012 with his remix of Glaze's “Pinkie's Lie”, Automatic Jack has since become one of the most versatile Brony musicians in the fandom. From Dubstep to House, Hip-Hop to Electro Metal, Hard Rock to Cybergrind, his musical style and live shows share two very distinct traits: LOUD and ROWDY!! On stage he is a monster, bringing such a high degree of energy to the performance that it borders on insanity. Spinning nothing but original tracks and remixes, Automatic Jack loads the Bass Cannon with pure AWESOME and blasts the crowd right off their hooves with it. As a drummer he has backed many brony artists and is a veteran of Summer 2013's Musiquestria Tour.

Notable Track: Glaze - Pinkie's Lie (ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK Remix)

Saturday, February 22, 2014



Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 22

A fan of the show for over 2 years, and I've always enjoyed listening to music that comes out of the fandom. There are some amazing artists out there, and I'd like to get involved in the musical community of MLP. My style is more alternative than most out there, so hopefully I bring something unique to the table.

Notable song (Reach the Skies):



Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 45

"I have been writing music in classical-orchestral style for a long time now, and fell under the magical spell of MLP: FiM back in 2012, which has proved to be a wonderful and rich source of inspiration. So far I have four pony-inspired works to my name (one of them is 31 minutes long!), two of which have been mentioned on EqD. I have plenty more plans for new works, so please keep an eye out for them in the future!."

Notable track (Ponyville Suite):

Monday, February 10, 2014

Random Encounters


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 26

Random Encounters is a YouTube series that creates original songs and music videos, frequently based on video games. Their best-known MLP work includes "The Brony Song," a parody of "This Day Aria" that comedically highlights the challenges Bronies face.

Notable track (The Brony Song):

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Agents of Discord


Age: 23
Location: Rochester, NY

For years I have been in love with the Breaks Legend: Elite Force, and no matter how much I tried not to, I have taken nearly 90 precent of my inspiration from him. Though, Access Denied is another artist I am fairly inspired by. I like my music Dark and Dirty. ~Agents

Notable track (Pinkie's Party Cannon (Original Mix)):

Saturday, January 25, 2014



Location: Gävle, Sweden.
Age: 16

"I started making music when I was 11. At that time, I was caught in the world of dancecore/HandsUp, mostly listening to DJ Splash. With the years passing, I got better at what I was doing and tried out different genres. I just kinda make what I feel is fun for me to make. I mostly end up with either electro, house, handsup, or some weird kind of dubstep  complextro. Though my electro house is quite different from everyone else, as far as I've heard. I use multilayered supersaws and use a kind of "rolling" progression with bright melodies!"

Notable tracks: The Changeling Remix:



Location:Kansas City, Kansas
Age 16

"I like mostly to work with pop. Anything that carries a tune though is fine with me. I do remix classical music , which can be seen through my Dr Who remixes but I love remixing any brony music I can get my hands on. Currently all I have is nanostudio, but I am working on getting FL Studio. I've recently been able to add words to my songs, but most of the time they are instrumentals."



Location Springfield, Missouri
Age: 15

" I started making music in the fandom in May of 2013. I really like to make old-school vocal IDM/synth-pop, while using my Microkorg synthesizer as well as a few software-synths for good measure through Fl Studio. Overall I love Analog-synthesis the warm tone it produces."

Notable track: Starlight

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zephy's Off Kilter Picks of the Week #3

Here is the third edition of Zephy's Off Kilter Picks of the Week. These are some assorted tracks that are the favorites of Zephysonas!  He has selected them as the cream of the crop of brony music this week. We hope you give this a read and them a listen. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Age: 20
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

" I don't write in any particular genre, I just try to write what works and what sounds good to me, and as such I tend to mix things from all genres into what I make. Instead of remixes, I prefer to do a full cover with my own vocals. I try my hardest to tell a story to a listener with word and song just in the way a book would. I'm honored to be appreciated by such a fantastic group of people, and I can only hope to get better as time goes on." He often mixes electronic and rock elements, like frequently having electronic songs with guitar solos.

Notable track: Pegasus Device