Friday, October 19, 2012

DJ Midli

Location: Ottawa
Age: 25

DJ Midlis’ smashed the Ontario/Quebec convention scene raves at N2U, G-Anime, and Cape et Kimono. He’s also been heard at the Ottawa youth gay pride week, DJing at both their pride opener and pride prom. His love of all things fluffy, cute, and colorful made him fall in love with MLP and brony culture. He leads the Algonquin Bronies, the Ottawa Bronies, and Ottawa's Brony convention TROTttawa. He's also deputy of PR for BronyCAN, Canada's national pony convention. Despite all this, he still finds time to DJ every Saturday night on Everfree Network's Mixology. He's also behind the BronyMix series of youtube mixes.

Notable track: DJ Midli - Brony Mix Vol 1 House/Electro/Dub 

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