Friday, March 1, 2013

Nightmare Lyre


Location: Norway
age: N/A

Nightmare Lyre  first entered the fandom with the short lived Death Metal project "My Dying Pony", a project dedicated to Death Metal covers of FiM songs.He started doing music on a big scale seriously in May 2012 with the release of the track "Deception" as a tribute to Chrysalis, and soon realizing making music solo was a calling, ending up with making a full concept album called "Elements of Suffering" creating a alternate timeline to the events of the first two seasons of FiM, told through instruments. Shortly after more tracks were made, and by the end of February 2013, Nightmare have released as much as 3 full albums, with varying themes and sounds.

Nightmare usually plays around in the instrumental branches of the genres of Metal, Prog, Orchestral Crossover and Experimental Rock, as well as being the creator of the crack genre "Lightshred" which is a mix of Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Orchestral, Techno and must use an Ukulele somewhere in the composition.

Noteable track (Deception): 

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