Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pony.FM launches public beta!

feld0, who created the MLPfourms, has brought a new and exciting website out of Closed Alpha and into Open Beta:


The site aims to be a hub for pony-related music much in the same way EQDmusic wants to, but already has features and under the hood improvements that make it a far better choice for fans of pony music and a place for free hosting of hq formats (flac, wav, and mp3).

Users are currently able to upload their own self-made music and listen to fresh new artists who’ve shared their work thus far. The site promices that the top 20 list will always be fresh, and not suffer from popularity stagnation; basicly, if an song has been featured to long or too often in the top 20 list they will be phased out for newer music so that users of pony.fm will always be able to hear something new.

I've been on there for awhile and I'm a big supporter of this site and it accompanying forum. Check it out and reblog if you can.

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