Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vocal Score


Location: London, UK.
Age: 21

"I’m a musician who doesn’t like to tie himself down to one genre, but mainly deals with acoustic music (although I’m tinkering with electronic stuff at the moment!). I’ve been a brony since season 1, but didn’t start doing brony music until June 2013. I always wished I had started earlier, but then maybe I wouldn’t have the awesome songs to cover! I’m a self-taught pianist and guitarist, and I also play a little drums too! I’ve got experience in arranging choir and close-harmony acapella music for several voices, and my love for this probably comes out in my work. Vocal harmony is my favourite thing (maybe in the woooorld), which is why it’s usally pretty prevalent in my tracks! <3

Notable track: Acoustic Cover of Love Me Cheerilee

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