Saturday, February 22, 2014



Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 45

"I have been writing music in classical-orchestral style for a long time now, and fell under the magical spell of MLP: FiM back in 2012, which has proved to be a wonderful and rich source of inspiration. So far I have four pony-inspired works to my name (one of them is 31 minutes long!), two of which have been mentioned on EqD. I have plenty more plans for new works, so please keep an eye out for them in the future!."

Notable track (Ponyville Suite):


  1. Hi. I'd like this listing deleted, as I am removing all of my music from YouTube and won't be writing any more. Too many rejections from those bastards at EqD have made me feel like shit and made me realize that it's time to give up.. Many thanks, OrchestralPony

  2. I took me a good while to find any contact to you, since you've been quite thorough in deleting everyone of your accounts. I was sincerely hoping that youtube had just some temporary difficulties, but when I noticed your soundcloud acc was gone too, I was wondering what might have happened - and this is basically what I was afraid of.

    Look, I know it's very hard to produce good music (especially orchestral), and not being appreciated is the worst thing any artist can possibly experience, but please, you have to be reasonable here. EqD mostly publishes electronic music, because it's viewers are mostly electronic listeners. And more importantly, it usually features artists who are already famous and popular (seriously, seeing carbon maestro in every other post makes me wanna puke sometimes). But that doesn't mean sh*t. Your music is good and I was always looking forward to listening to your next piece. Bronies need more quality classical musicians like you. Please don't give up.


  3. Do not delete this listing.

    The fandom should at the very least be afforded the opportunity to realize that good music- real music was once created.