Monday, January 4, 2016

Julian Moon / Jeff Burgess / Rarity / Fern

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Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Age 20

Jeff Burgess started making rock and comedy music as about MLP with great tongue in cheek tracks. With songs like "Big-Ass Hat (Rarity's Song)", "Where My Bronies At?", and "Set Fire to the Con" there were equal measures of laugh out loud lyrics and great singer-songwriter odes to MLP characters.  He's since made one of the biggest songs in the fandom ("Home"), collected his early music in 100% Horse No Pulp, made the epic concept album Autumn Nights, changed his name to Julian Moon (along with avatar plenty of times), and become the smash up king with Hackamore

Notable Track: Home


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  1. Sad that quite a lot of his old works were deleted :c They're incredibly difficult to find nowadays.