Thursday, March 1, 2012


Harddance includes genres like HardstyleHardhouse, Hard NRG, Hardtrance, Jump and (arguably) Hands Up and Donk/Hardbass/Scouse/Bounce House. That may seem like a lot of styles under one roof but the 4/4 hard kick and the high energy is the uniter.  It's truly party music and there's quite a few bronies making it (so spin that harddance Vinyl Scratch).

Check out these artists above who specialize in this style of music. (click on any of the subgenres)

Feel free to recommend some artists not included in here (these artists specialize in it) or include up to 10 of your favorite acoustic tracks  in the comments section (for an eventual best of countdown).


  1. Hi. I am an amateur hardstyle musician. There are my two brony remixes:

  2. I love bronies they are so sweet just like these DJ samples:

  3. 174UDSI should be in this Genre!

    Here's the Playlist with almost any Hardstyle Song he made, his latest song "Look Up In The Sky" is missing.