Sunday, April 29, 2012

Neon Jalapeno


Location: Efland, USA
Age: 16

Another member of Equestrian Hype crew it's good tracks like the Toast Beard response "Yarr, Pirates (feat. Marshmelon)"and F3nning's "Fluttershy's Gala (Bear Murder Remix)" that we adored in the day. No longer a brony but we'll keep the profile just to reflect on days gone by.


  1. Ahem, yes, this is Neon Jalapeno. I've deleted the Crystallinity song and no longer use that alias, so could you remove it?

    And if possible, could you replace the removed Crystallinity video with another song of mine, "I Hear Hoofsteps!"?

  2. Actually, I'm not a brony anymore. Think you could outright delete this page? :D

    1. But you do still have old brony music on your channel and you were a brony musician some time ago, I can edit the page and put in the appropriate information but outright deleting it would ruin the fun for those who might be looking around for old pony tunes ;)

      I understand if you don't want to be labeled as a borny musician and all of that fuzz, if you REALLY REALLY wish for me to delete this then reply and I'll do it, just some food for thought! :)

    2. >I can edit the page and put in the appropriate information

      do plz