Monday, April 16, 2012

Tei the Pony



Location: Helsinki, Finland

Tei the Pony was one of several people who entered the brony community as a DJ with brony music mixtapes, but he's easily become the most popular. His great personality, beat-mixing skills, and a popular set of glitch remixes of prominent pony tracks has made him a great asset to the brony community.

Notable Track: General Mumble - She's a Glitch (Tei the Pony Remix)



  1. Wat is this place?

    Filled with some many Glitches?

    Casting it's yell

    Bass rolling like thunder~


    Luv you all!

  2. well ill be the first to say... TeiThePony, i have listened to literally 100's of brony artists and you were always up near the top along glaze, twitch, and Mandopony. But After you released she's a glitch, which is my ringtone by the way, and Avast Tei's Robotic Buttocks. you have jumped to the top!

    I just want to thank you for all your wonderful music which has all made its way to my iTunes, and i can't wait to hear more in the near future!
    From Your Most Faithful Fan, GamerSoldi3r.