Tuesday, July 16, 2013


MLR Disco

Location: USA, Colorado
Age: 21

Using the power of math, I compose instrumental pieces of varying genres using a program I wrote that generates matrices of MIDI identities with configurable key and scale bindings. That's fancy science talk for: "I am a very bad musician, so I cheat with technology. But It's my technology so it's ok." I enjoy piecing together a "library" of short, loop-able melodies, using them to build a song skeleton, then fill in the gaps with improvised "solos". I currently exploring as many moods, atmospheres, and sound palettes as possible, because the greatness that is MLP has given me so much amazing inspiration to work with, and I want to express it all through Music and Math!

Notable track: DJ Pon3 Visits Saddle Arabia ft. Octavia

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