Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Shake Ups In Ponyville


Location: Indiana
Ages: N/A

"The Shake Ups In Ponyville are an indie rock and power-pop band dedicated to writing songs for and about MLP:FIM! The band consists of Patrick O’Connor (Vocals, Guitars), Bitsy Matatall (Vocals, Keyboards), Mike Rittenhouse (Bass Guitar) & Steve Hinckley (Drums). The Shake Ups In Ponyville have performed at the My Little Pony Fair & Convention, and have been featured on Equestria Daily,, and Behind The Brony on Canterlot Radio, among others. The band released their debut album in the fall of 2013 with Gelatinous Productions & Murk-Ta Records. The Shake Ups In Ponyville continue to build on their reputation as a primary force in the independent music community, and are regarded as one of the best up-and-coming acts in the fandom."

Notable track:“Pink Butterflies”

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