Thursday, August 1, 2013


MLR Discography

Location: Quebec, Canada
Age 20

"Hello, I'm a self-taught musician as a pianist and drummer as my main instruments and I've been composing music for the last 7 years. I became a brony back in 2010 but it's only a few months ago that I figured that I could make pony music. So for now, most of my composition time is dedicated to make more music for the bronies. I have a very strong relation with figuralism, which means I tend to tell story in my songs by using sounds, instruments and rhythm to express different actions and events, which can lead to very unexpected sounds. I'm totally open to other kinds of music and I myself made a few electronics composition and when I'm not busy making pony music, I actually compose symphonic metal. I even look forward on trying vocal remix someday.. but only time will tell! So go on and enjoy my music!"

Notable track: Equestria's Seasons



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