Monday, July 7, 2014


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Location: Lottum (The Netherlands)
Age: 26-09-1998 (15 as of writing)

"I've been producing since April 21st, 2012, and got into MLP:FiM around January/February 2013. At first my music was purely for fun, more like a discovery that it's actually something I might wanna do. Later it expanded to daily occupation. Doesn't mean I was good at it, but the effort was 100% there. While I can't accurately explain further my history in producing, I can tell you that right now my focus is on experimenting. Can't really explain how I mean experimenting though, but I guess you could find out. 

That leads me to my aliases. ExoBassTix is the name that started it all, and it's the name I go around with (when not on SoundCloud). Under ExoBassTix I release primarily energetic, dancable music. Then came Warmonger O, under which I release primarily hard, dark, aggressive and noisy music. Eventually Xalpheon joined in as well, under which I release primarily calm, deep and meditative music. I've been busy with nearly all Electronic genres, and more. Nowadays I'm busy more and more developing my own style, and with that my work's getting more experimental and storytelling. To name a few genres I'm getting really adept at: Ambient (of any kind), Chillout, Harsh Noise, Hardcore, Drum 'N' Bass and Experimental.

So yeah. I try to tell my story, with a general theme of "less is more" hidden deeply in most of my work."

Notable tracks (SoundCloud, so no embeds):

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