Sunday, April 15, 2012

Psychedelic Brony


Location: Maine
Age: 16

One of the legendary acts from Equestrian Hype label, Psyche is perhaps one of the only bronies to write psychedelic rock (occasionally throwing in some house and dubstep if you're nice) that melts most pony's brains. Ever since entering Toast Beard he has continuously made unique sounds and brought perhaps THE most retro and far out approach to Brony music heard yet

Youtube channel and all track tracks closed down. :(


  1. Moonstruck Pony -"We both kinda drifted from the brony community after the season ended, including all of our friends. After he broke up with me he pretty much severed all of his ties with the show and now he's dating someone who probably hasn't even heard any of his "Psychedelic Brony" music. It's like he's embarrassed of it now. Then he closed his account and the facebook page we ran together. It's sad to see him throw it all away, but hopefully he'll go on to bigger and better things."

  2. this guys songs are fucking good, where did he go?