Friday, April 13, 2012



Location: UK
Age: N/A

The band is made up of two British gents, Jimmy and Edd/Fuzz (one of the few consistent pony partnerships). As you would expect, they make great acoustic rock and the occasional rock song, but also make some chiptunes ("Pinkie Pie Party [Sugar Rush]"), other electronic music ("Colgate's Quest"), and some orchestral backing to their instrumentals. They have collaborated with Mando, to form the AcoustiMandoBrony side project. That output is significantly heavier than the bulk of either's solo material. AcousticBrony's original project was creating instrumental themes for each of the Mane six ponies which incorporate melodies from the show. They remain favorites of the fanbase.

Notable Track: "Crepuscularity (Twilight Sparkle's Theme)"

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