Thursday, April 12, 2012



Location: N/A
Age: N/A

One of the more unique sounding artists and incorpoprating an electronic lounge sound to their complex IDM music. On their debut they picked up where PinkiePieSwear left off (also favoring cut-up character vocal samples) but quickly made it clear they were going an entirely different direction with it to becoming an innovative artist and a production wizard. We've seen many more amazing and ornate tracks emerge in the months after his debut, and he most recently completed a batch of collaborations that showed further diversity in styles and his most complex works yet. He followed these up with direct responses for season 2 episodes. He's one of the most respected artists in our community and is also extremely humble.

Notable Track: "A Beautiful Heart"


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  2. SGAP did recently collab with many different artists and several of those tracks are coming out right NOW. He is gone for several months and it's very unclear if they will or won't return to our music community. Let's just enjoy what we've had, what we may still see come out in the future, and give our best wishes and respect for SGAP's wonderful contributions to our scene and HOPE for a return. Clearly he is one of our most respected musicians and if this is the end we love that he shared his great music with us.

  3. Ignore prev post he's been back for awhile. Here's all his work, many unpublished or private links