Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chain Algorithm

Own website

Location: USA 
Age: 21 

One of the most musically diverse artists on the scene, as well as being there in the golden age of its formation (some say he was the second brony musician with Feb 11, 2011's Friend's Forever Mix). Chain has done a variety of work (that like most of the brony community) is free and publicly available on Youtube, SoundCloud, and from his own website. In fact the vast majority of MLP music is free. He approaches music in a completely different way than most others. Instead of making a song based on emotions and past experiences, he composes music with the goal of recreating ideas and objects with musical sound.

This track was a sarcastic reply to Renard's accusations of RD's tomboy behavior (accusing her of being gay).

Notable Track: Rainbow Dash Likes Colts

"Don't worry fan's, I'm not dead. Working on an album.. gonna be HUUGE. Like my facebook page at for updates and other assorted nonsense" April 2012

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