Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eurobeat Brony


Location: California
Age:  22

One of the more visible and popular artists AS well as basically the originating point for the brony music scene, this artist is centered around Eurobeat instrumental recreations of the show's many songs. He has released 2 albums at this point, there is also a disc of alternative versions that exists as well, and another disc of "bootlegged" remixes of these tracks with the show's accapella's added by FluttershyElsa. Eurobeat Brony was already a massive fan and producer of Eurobeat music before discovering MLP and quickly became one of the first musicians (if not the first one) in making brony music. .

Notable track: "Luna (DREAM MODE)"

"Well, the first I had heard of the new MLP was on 4chan /a/, with which I was growing kind of detached. I wasn't following a series at the time and none of the new ones really interested me. At any rate, a cross-post from /co/ came up, and I couldn't help but be a little curious as to why a board so often obsessed with Superman, Batman, and...well, DARKER series...would suddenly be into ponies! So I shot a look over at /co/'s discussions...and eventually watched the first couple of episodes. Suffice to say I've been hooked since then. A good series is a good series regardless of its target demographic, I'd say.

One day in one of the threads, someone wanted Flutterguy's vocals from Evil Enchantress isolated from the rest of the background noise. So I took a shot at it...and failed. Terribly. I offered to make a rather slapdash Eurobeat remix as compensation, which was graciously accepted. And thus, "Evil Enchantress [Super Euro Mix]" was born. Then I made an album cover to pass time after the next requested song, and people got the idea that it should be a full-fledged album...which it has now become. CONFOUND THESE BRONIES, they drive me to complete projects!"~Eurobeat Brony Interview

"January 27th 2011 was when the very first pony song, a remix of the Evil Enchantress, was posted, and the show itself premiered on October 10th, 2010. Pretty incredible that the community grew so fast, if you asked me. Eurobeat Brony's reception with the fandom really got a lot of other people into the idea of making pony music, so we owe a lot to him being a pretty damn great musician."~SenatorMyth

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