Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Origins of Pony Music

I wrote this out a long time ago and had this still on my gdrive. If you want to know how that first year developed and the artists involved this goes over it a bit.

By the way if you want new Pony Music News check Horse Music Herald as they are still an active blog site.

Also check out the Brony Music RYM Box Set for another view of our history which we are adding to over time. 

Season 8 Begins

Well Season 8 has kicked off and the movie was over the summer. We salute those still making pony music (veterans and newcomers). This site is still just an inactive archive but I've added to the genres page a tad, left links again to this site and FIMM from, and added all kinds of year end lists from previous years on the FIMM tumblr. We hope you find use with this site still as it's a blast from our past.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Season 7 Ends + We're Still Here!

Just wanted to say I hope people enjoyed Season 7. While this site has stopped all posting for several years now I have cleaned up a few dead links today, added new ones, and will keep this site up as an archive to brony music and its past. I hope you remember all we accomplished since 2011 and how vast this fandom and its music was and still is.

This site never covered everyone, as that would be over a thousand artists to make MLP themed tracks, but a lot of people made their way through here and left their mark (big and small). 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Genre Updates

Yes I know this website rarely gets updated now. I did clean out some dead links and upped a few new videos in the genre section just to have it look a little better. Feel free to go on a genre page and toss us a few youtube links if you see some new track selections for a particular genre that should be added.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Julian Moon / Jeff Burgess / Rarity / Fern

Pony Archive 
New Archive
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Age 20

Jeff Burgess started making rock and comedy music as about MLP with great tongue in cheek tracks. With songs like "Big-Ass Hat (Rarity's Song)", "Where My Bronies At?", and "Set Fire to the Con" there were equal measures of laugh out loud lyrics and great singer-songwriter odes to MLP characters.  He's since made one of the biggest songs in the fandom ("Home"), collected his early music in 100% Horse No Pulp, made the epic concept album Autumn Nights, changed his name to Julian Moon (along with avatar plenty of times), and become the smash up king with Hackamore

Notable Track: Home

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Le Soldat Pony

Location: Nashville, TN
Age: 21

"I'm a student in classical composition, but I also write music about ponies to keep myself sane outside of the classroom" - these are the words Le Soldat Pony used to describe himself and a bigger part of his life. The most notable genres he sticks to are ambient (with guitars playing an important part) and acoustic, not forgetting about the vocals, of course!" A lot of Soldat's music has disappeared from his youtube but look for what remains on his bandcamp and other sites. One of the best male voice's in the fandom.

Saturday, January 2, 2016



Location: South East England
Age: 16 (As of 2016)

Budzy never tries to stick to one style of music, he is always experimenting and trying to change things up so no two songs will sound the same, He started using FL studio in march of 2015 and has become very familiar with it, and already releasing tracks and getting some great feedback and support from people already!



Location: California
Birthday: July 25, 1995

Salutations my name is Zephysoans! I try to keep broad horizons but I write mostly orchestral and symphonic music with the occasional pop rock or jazz. Iv played in jazz bands, concert bands and marching bands for many years (mostly on the saxophone) and I attribute most of my stylistic inspiration from those mediums. Additional I am a trained audio engineer and have my Avid Pro tools User certification. I havent been writing music of my own for very long but I love the art and hope to continue improving and make music that I can be proud of!

Notable Track: The Idol Of Boreas 

Brilliant Venture


Location: Canada

Once upon a time, there was a unicorn. This unicorn loved music. Over time, he developed sounds inspired by his life, what made him happy/sad, and channeled it into energetic (but sometimes chill) dance music. He began his career as a DJ/Producer over 10 years ago, and still believes strongly in the love and unity of music, and the magic of friendship! Style: Electronic/Brostep/Glitchy/Trance

Notable Remixes: Daniel Ingram - Under Our Spell (Brilliant Venture's "Song of the Sirens" Remix)



Location : Puerto Rico
Age : 21

 Drixale has been studying music for years and now joining the herd he is inspired to produce and share "Brony Music". Influences: "Deadmau5" & "The Living Tombstone".

Notable Track: "The Proyect"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


also known as Shroo, Mushrooshi, Mu[shroo]shi, Booty Mark Crusaders
Home website

Location: Texas
Age: 21

Shroo is an EDM producer and DJ in primarily the Trap, Drum & Bass, and Hardcore genres. He's been DJing for about 3 years and producing for 2. Most of his remixes are either MLP inspired or remixes of music from anime. He started off in the fandom as a drawing artist and got interested in mixing and production while doing research for a Vinyl Scratch drawing. Shroo has spun at several MLP conventions and is getting into the anime convention scene. Sgroo also really loves cute things!

Notable Track: Shroo - Twerkcord ft. Odyssey & The Living Tombstone :

Progressive Element


Location: United Kingdom, North Wales, UK
Age: 16

I am a Brony music producer just like the rest of you!. I create a variety of genres from Progressive House, to Chill, to Deep House, but most of all, i produce Progressive House as it is my favorite genre of music, always has been, always will be. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie!, shes funny, fun to be around, and always looking for a laugh, here to make people smile. I love the Brony fandom and i hope that i can one day, I can perform at a con with all the other famous Bronies!. I love you guys, and thanks for making these years of my life, the best times ever. I'm sticking with this fandom no matter what. c:

Notable Track:Equestrian Space

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Violin Melody

Home website

"Violin Melody is an electronic musician from Poland who mostly loves trance, house and electro... but they also listens to other genres. VM creates remixes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (the most popular remix is "Violin Melody ft. Maud Pie - Rocks") but they are more focusing on original mixes than remixes. Inspired by ponies, nature, life, emotions and feelings - Violin tries to bring you joy and happiness. Their music is an experimental mixture of trance, house, electro and techno. Repetitive enough to introduce you to a state of trance which gives the listener a pleasant emotions - if you love techno and trance or house of course - otherwise you will be bored I think. ;)"

Notable track: Maud Pie - Rocks (Maud's Rock Poem Remix)

Alexander Engström


Location: Sweden, Gothenburg
Age: 22

My name is Alexander Engström (AE), I'm a 22 year old musician, gamer and brony who enjoys spending his time with said things, friends and my lovely girlfriend! Music is my life, basically. I love all sorts of music and I love to express myself through my own music. I write music with real instruments. I've done acoustic, rock, heavy metal, thrash metal and progressive rock/metal.

Notable Track: Our Pinkie Pie

Skill Toys Crew


Location: Oakdale CA, United States
Age: 19

What you already know: I am a musician and a brony.
What you probably didn't know: The music I make and the music I listen to are completely different genres (some chiptune). Nonetheless I love music in general, I can write a song of any style, and would be elated to combine my efforts with others, making beautiful art. I am uploading my pony music so that it may get out into the world in hopes it will inspire the bronies fortunate enough to come across it.

Notable track:7 Twenty One