Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Location: Southampton, UK
Age: 21

" I started writing music on the Playstation when I was just 9 years old. Since then I have written for wind bands, small trios, guitar, piano and a few string instruments. I currently produce a range of genres that mainly encompass breakbeat, trance, hardcore, techno, rock, 8-bit and house. I've been in the fandom since 2012 and love to write songs based on the stories, adventures and ideas both from the show and the fandom. I use Logic Pro 9 and barely anything else. You can purchase (most) of my music from my bandcamp, if it's not on there it means i think it needs fixing!!"

Notable track: Bolts



Location: Texas
Age: 16

"Hey, all! I'm Scooblee, and I've been making music since probably mid-2013, which was about the same time I got into MLP:FiM. I make chiptunes for quite a few systems, but mostly from the NES/Famicom and sometimes the ZX Spectrum. My main influences are the many video game composers of the 80's and 90's, such as Tim Follin, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Alberto Gonzalez. (Bonus points if you actually recognize those names!) I mostly cover other peoples' songs, but I hope to be able to write more original songs soon."

Noteable track:Boooring!



Location: Rochester NY
Age 15

" Hello everypony! I am TF2Brony and I am a pony musician. Though I'm not that well known, I love making music for the fandom to enjoy! I've been doing this since I joined the fandom in June 2013, though I've been writing music since late March in the same year. As for genre, I tend to jump between genres in electronic music from time to time, to the point where it sometimes varies with the song. I hope you subscribe/follow/whatever because I really appreciate it and it keeps me going! /)"

Snow Fox


Location: Kent, UK
Age: 16

Bio: Hey I'm Snow Fox and I'm an intermediate Brony musician and songwriter from the UK, who has been producing since 2011. I've been in the fandom since June 2013 so I'm relativly new to the community. I make Dubstep, EDM, DnB, Ambient and Glitch Hop music and I intend to stretch to other genres in the future. If you like my stuff please follow me on whatever social network you want as it totally drives me to keep producing and creating!

Noteable track: Fang

Dj DiHenGo


Location: Londrina, Paraná, Brazil
Age: 25

" I like electronic music since 2004 and hardstyle got me in 2010. Now this is my style. I like to add hard kicks to any other music, from country to classical, from rock to gospel; but my favorites are cartoon and movie songs."

Notable Track: I am Octavia (Remix)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

J Brewzy


Location: Cheney, Washington, United States
Age: 18

"Hey, whats up guys. I'm J Brewzy. I an engineering student who loves to write music, especially modernist stuff. Besides writing music, I paint minimalist art, listen to EDM, watch netflix, play around on my piano, lots of stuff.""

Notable track:Trixie Falling Down the stiars

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Freewave Album

Hey I've got a new album so am putting it on my blog here to get a little promotion for it. Hope you check it out.
Songs of My People by Freewave

Welcome to my fifth album, this time a whole album centered around the guitar. I’ve done a fair amount of EDM over the last couple of years but i finally wanted to do an album around all kinds of other genres; alternative rock, shoegaze, surf rock, heavy metal, folk, funk, blues, and country. Stuff you don’t always see too many bronies doing. This gave me an opportunity to try more song writing, production, and singing this time around. I’m still learning but this was a fun new project. Some tracks are remastered oldies but many are brand new tracks.

As always this is a free release, but If you can throw a few bits my way to cover upcoming convention and bandcamp expenses it would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy!

A big thanks to several friends who helped out on vocals and more: Evdog, Julian Moon, SylverLining, Terolie, Mathematicus, Bloo, and AndanteSkie.