Monday, July 7, 2014

DiZ-037 (Inmotion)


Location: N/A

"I am DiZ, an individual raps about talking horses. I put my words over other people's music and that's how my music is made. I've been a brony for about as long as I can remember, (I can't really remember when I joined the fandom) and have had alot of fun making music with my fellow bronies. That's what it's about, right? Fun? Something like that.

I hope to become horse famous not because I want everyone to know who I am, but because I want everyone to know that they can do the things that they want to do, like rap about talking horses. I'm getting there. I think. Needless to say I love collaborating with people, because music is an experience I want to share with others.

As of uploading myself here, I'll be going by DiZ Inmotion as well as 037."

Notable Track (The Brony of Fortune):



Location: New York,USA
Age: 17

“Another guy who makes music about miniature equine colored horses,Multi-Genre aspired musician doing this whole music biz on the side and gaining experience for a head-start in his plausible music career. I do most genre’s some still need to experiment with but my favorite ones I’d like to do is always House,DnB, and all forms of EDM,Electronic and Dubstep.

I’ve been in the fandom since mid-season 1,early season 2 and been a fan of many brony musicians for a long time. Tell me in 2011-2012 that I would make brony music and I would laugh hysterically,its amazing how I’ve been making music knowing I could have done so earlier.But i'm here now and i’ll make the best of it with the time I can have. I’m a self taught musician who plays mostly trumpet, piano, guitar and loves to sing all and about. I’m not good by any chance with the instruments listed and singing really well but I know my way around. This is all for fun and to be honest I can’t really say what I would plan for the future, after the release of my first big album SKYFALL. All I hope is that you can hopefully join in as well on my journey to better myself musically and making music of any and every genre till I grow apart of the fandom or the fandom ends. What ultimately defines me I would suppose is the fact that mainly ill try anything for music sake and for better expourse,experience and a better time,I find it fun and calming to make music pony related or not and im glad I have people supportive of my music thus far."

Notable Track (Let The Rainbow Remind You [Ponytronic Remix]):


SoundCloud (ExoBassTix)
SoundCloud (Warmonger O)
SoundCloud (Xalpheon)

Location: Lottum (The Netherlands)
Age: 26-09-1998 (15 as of writing)

"I've been producing since April 21st, 2012, and got into MLP:FiM around January/February 2013. At first my music was purely for fun, more like a discovery that it's actually something I might wanna do. Later it expanded to daily occupation. Doesn't mean I was good at it, but the effort was 100% there. While I can't accurately explain further my history in producing, I can tell you that right now my focus is on experimenting. Can't really explain how I mean experimenting though, but I guess you could find out. 

That leads me to my aliases. ExoBassTix is the name that started it all, and it's the name I go around with (when not on SoundCloud). Under ExoBassTix I release primarily energetic, dancable music. Then came Warmonger O, under which I release primarily hard, dark, aggressive and noisy music. Eventually Xalpheon joined in as well, under which I release primarily calm, deep and meditative music. I've been busy with nearly all Electronic genres, and more. Nowadays I'm busy more and more developing my own style, and with that my work's getting more experimental and storytelling. To name a few genres I'm getting really adept at: Ambient (of any kind), Chillout, Harsh Noise, Hardcore, Drum 'N' Bass and Experimental.

So yeah. I try to tell my story, with a general theme of "less is more" hidden deeply in most of my work."

Notable tracks (SoundCloud, so no embeds):

Pierce Strine


Location: California
Age: 18

"Jerry Taylor (born August 20th, 1995), known by his stage name 'Pierce Strine' is an American hip-hop producer. He has also produced numerous remixes for various genres of brony music, such as Journey by SevenPonies. He is currently working as an audio engineer for three feature-length brony films which are currently in development."

Notable track (Journey [Pierce Strine Remix]): 

Josh Spicer


Location: Anamosa, Iowa
Age: 20

"I started out in the fandom managing to secure a place on Mic the Microphone's since ill fated "This is Why I Clop" megamix. Ever since then, I've released rap songs out (so much shock, I know) every now and again. I originally started out using independent produced instrumental songs from other artists, but have now started using unconventional samples to prove my theory that any song can be rapped over. 

I've been in the fandom since 2011 so you probably say I'm a veteran. I modded the stream for the Jan. 2012 BronyCon, and have modded a lot of Mic the Microphone's streams, a role I have since relieved. I've watched all the episodes of the show and continue to love it since the day I started. I still believe in the age-old adage of "love and toleration", despite its meaning being lost in the years gone past."

Notable Track (Pony Swag Collection): 



Location: Connecticut, USA.

"I am an amateur musician, songwriter, mixing engineer, and Youtube content creator. I play guitar and sing. My favorite genres include metal (especially progressive), electronic, classical, and any combination of the above. I like to make use of digital vocal effects in many of my songs (case in point: my "Find The Music In You" cover). I am also in the process of creating a Youtube tutorial series to show people how to make said vocal effects and more. I've been a brony since the summer of 2011, and the fandom has been a huge source of hope, inspiration, and comfort in my life."

Notable track (Find The Music In You [PonyCores Remix]):