Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Active Brony Musicians List

So a lot of people requested a Top ACTIVE Brony Musicians List for 2014. We left out those who have moved on and included those who had at least 1k ytube subs and put out at least one pony music track in 2014.

Get this active list here or one that includes the great musicians from the past combined.
Congrats to those who made the lists and we hope you check out whom you might have missed making music!



Location: Idaho, Boise
Age: 18

Hi there I am AnimatronicPony I recently started to create music based off of MLP. I work great with Dubstep, Psychedelic,Trance and everything in between. I try my best to make otherworldly sounds for people to love.

Noteable Track: Sparkle Eyes 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top Brony Musicians of 2014

It is that time again. Time to reflect on who the most popular musicians in the fandom are; time for the list of the Top Brony Musicians of 2014. We have updated the list for  a new year.  As always many people have dropped out, moved on, moved up, and many new people have joined the list of 1k+ youtube subs.

If you see anyone over 1,000 subs who we have missed (which is very possible) let us know in comments and we'll add them to the list when we get a chance.

Fritzybeat has included musicians with fully deleted channels in the list, based on the sub count they reached before deleting their account. "Inactive" he has put beside ANY musician, whether their channel is still up or not, who no longer makes pony music, or at least, hasn't made ANY pony music in over a year.

The Honorable Mentions are also a bit different, as that list includes musicians who have made music in the fandom before, but aren't considered "Brony Musicians" (AKA DJ Amaya, Ken Ashcorp, etc...), or musicians who are engaged in the fandom, but don't necessarily make pony music (AKA Michelle Creber, Hey Ocean!, etc...). Also an ** by anyone who does far more than music. If we're missing anyone, as always let us know and we'll update and add them!

Remember that popularity is not the same thing as quality and that there is no reason for being butthurt over the brony community's favorites. We will update this list again likely next year or on the half anniversary.

(Re-Updated on Dec 23, 2014)<-------------->See this list for Active and Inactive Lists

Friday, December 19, 2014



Location: México, DF

Eniix is DJ and producer from Mexico City. She began making music due to curiosity in 2010, and it increasingly became her passion. She started producing mashups, then created songs in a chill-out style, and then switched to genres such as Brostep, Dance and its base is the Electro -Trash. 

Notable track: (sorry no YT embeds provided)
Crush!! Kill!! Destroy!! Swag!!:

Winter Wrap Up-Daniel Ingram (Eniix Remix):

Nightmare Moon:

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Home website

Location: Germany
Age: N/A

"My favorite genres are House, Trance, Dance and Hands Up. But I have developed my own style where I mix several styles of music in one."

Notable track: Find the Music You (Remix)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Out of Date?

As you'll notice, we're missing plenty of musicians on the directory here and many here are outdated. To submit a new profile for a missing musician, fill out this form in the comments. To correct an outdated directory entry, write up a new one in the comments of that profile and link 4 updated better track choices from youtube.  We prefer to get the profiles directly from the musician they are for but we'll take what we can get.  We'll update them as we have time and as we get them. If you want to take an even more active role getting bmd up to date talk to Freewave ;)



Location: Utah

One of the bigger new names for pony dubstep and electro house. His name emits a sound of pure excitement and energy as that is what his music delivers. Well supported by a devout and fervent fanbase he's a consistent producer of great pony and anime fan music!



The dream combination of AcousticBrony (2 guys) and Mandopony who have collaborated many times. They have their own popular youtube channel and a string of classic pony rock songs that are still popular favorites of the fandom. The collaboration beganin Jan 2012 and still continues with "Laughter" being released in 2014.

Notable track: "Loyalty"



Location: UK

Freelance voice actor, composer, singer and sound designer/ engineer Blake "ShadyVox" Swift also known as the voice of Button Mash and the talent behind the Pony Rock Anthem. He does much more than ponies now but he's left a major impression on bronies, a string of huge music covers for the pony fandom, and runs a highly subscribed YT channel.

Notable track: Don't Mine at Night



Nowacking is best known as the fandub voice for Vinyl Scratch, but she’s been doing voice work for 5 years and has now moved on to make her channel the home for Dark Swamp. She’s done Vinyl voice overs on a load of tracks from Pony Rock Anthem, Pony Swag III, and any song that sampled Epic Wub Time. That may not count as straight singing per se, but its made quite an impression on the fandom that will be felt on music (and dishes) to come.

Notable track: Pony Swag III

Sayonara Maxwell


Location: Russia
Age: 26

"Singer, musician, brony-songs performer. Here you can listen to my Russian covers, remixes and original songs. In the near future I am planning on doing collaborations with foreign singers." One of the biggest names in brony music in the past year and the superstar to represent the huge Russian MLP fanbase. With Five Nights at Freddy Crossovers, Tombstone Remixes, and amazing SFM videos, he's become the one to watch.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dynamite Grizzly


Location: Nashville
Age: 20

"Today's Top Story; Bears in Business?! Eyewitness reports indicate that a BEAR has taken up residence in a small recording studio right in the heart of our own Nashville, Tennessee. The other studio employees claim she is docile and spends most of the day working on experimental electronic music. A quick run through her discography doesn't show any consistant style. Studio employees say the bear is always experimenting, but has one constant in her love of sampling. Earlier it was confirmed that the bear is the one responsible for the soundtracks to popular pony flash-game maker, futzi01. We will keep you updated as more information comes."

Notable track: Tripping Ginger

Monday, December 15, 2014

And The Rainfall


Location: Mexico
Age: 21

One of the few active brony musician from Mexico. Not that you know, though, since he posts helpful, positive comments on MLR in his second language English (and knows French, Icelandic, and Swedish as well!). He's self-taught musically and quite adept at IDM, post rock, and electronic that combine is guitar and vocals. While his tracks are not as frequent as some artists, they are detailed, complex, polished, and well-received by a growing fan-base that loves his unique sound. One of the great musicians that has followed in the steps of SoGreatAndPowerful, yet having his own unique approach. A wonderful human being too!

Notable example: Panoramic

Sunday, December 14, 2014



Location: Vermont, USA
Age: 18

Aviators is an incredibly talented musician who does all kinds of electronic music with vocal prowess. Coming into the scene beginning in 2012, he has since dominated vocal pony music and expanded far past that. From orchestral, edm, and even some rock and metal (many collabs with bronyfied) he's been a top talent to the scene and one with many albums and collabs to enjoy.

Notable Example: "Friendship"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lavender Harmony


Location: Edinburgh, UK
Age: 25

Lavender Harmony is one of few professional musicians in the fandom. As she says better than me, "I've been doing music production for over ten years, I have a degree in Music, and I work full time as a composer freelance and for a film production company". She is not constrained by genres and continues to be varied and known for the highest quality sounding tracks. A female brony, EQD pre-listener, and a former MLR mod! She has moved on from ponies but is still an outspoken member of the community and one of the best ears for music production.

Notable Example:Ruby Skies and Violet Clouds

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Raging Rarity


Location: Watertown, New York, United States
Age: 17

William John Harmke Jr. (aka Raging Rarity) is an American
brony musician from New York who came to the scene in early 2014. In 2013, Raging was introduced to FL Studio, and he started producing his own tracks (his stuff wasn't as good as he thought). In 2014, Raging started to produce pony music and this is what took off in his music career. In Summer 2014, His music was released on Everfree Radio and to this day, he states that he does not plan on leaving the fandom anytime soon.

Notable track (Ballad):



"I have been a progressive music composer since 2012. Genres vary from Trance, House, Ambience, Chiptune, Liquid DnB, and even Rave. It all started when I did 2 songs and they both ended up on a game called TrotMania (which I am a major part of). Ever since the release of Trotmania Rhythm is Magic, I wanted to at least give making music a shot for once, and actually, I did enjoy that experience!"

Notable Track (rottel-NEON-MASH):

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Doc Monochrome


Location: Los Angeles County
Age: 20

Doc Monochrome is an alias of Jon Castle: a man who aspires to be an animator and a score composer. His music is particularly influenced by movie soundtracks: though dragging some inspiration from Classical Music, Electronic music, rock, and Dubstep. Mono Composes Orchestral music, Electronic music, and Other experimental works as well. Being an aspiring film musician, mono also does amateur score composing as well.

Notable track (Ponified):



Location: Berlin, Germany
Age: 17

Hardy Hambsch, better known as Hydra is a German artist and producer who started playing the piano when he was 7 and has also played the drums for a few years. He's into all kinds of Electronic Music, but also likes to listen to metal and orchestral music. In 2010 he started making his own Music and January 2013 he uploaded his first songs to Soundcloud and is now producing actively. Hydra started making House music but now he is experimenting with all kinds of genres, like Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Chillstep, HandsUp and even Electro Swing! He draws almost every artwork for his songs, but he wouldn't consider himself as a good artist.

Notable track (You'll Play Your Part [Hydra Remix]):

Monday, December 1, 2014

Balloon Party 3 - Academy of Power

""It was the day of presentation. Twilight was standing in front of the class, taking in the serenity amongst the students. She smiled in anticipation, taking in the moment of calm for a moment, then spoke up. "Alright everypony. I hope you have studied well for your presentations. And I hope we’ll be able to do it within 4 hours, as Octavia will need this room for her class by then. Let’s start. Nexaka? Go ahead."

Twilight moved to the back of the class, and readied her pen and paper. Nearly four hours passed, with no interruptions inbetween, and Twilight’s expression kept on switching between worry, amazement, disbelief, and high-pitched enthusiasm. And after the last presentation, she happily trotted back in front of the class. “Thank you, Sound Guy. Alright. Wow, everypony. I have gotta say I am impressed. Never before in my teaching career have I had such good results. All of you should be very proud of yourself!”

Twilight handed her notes, per separate presentation, to the students it belonged to, with good grades on all of them. Her class brimmed with pride, some bumping hoofs, some hugging, cheering words of victory. “I hope all of you took notes as well. May what you’ve learned today help you on your future endeavours. Class dismissed.””

Wow, everyone. Balloon Party revived and back into action like never before! It shows, with this powerhouse of an album, Mindscapes. It shows once again how much talent and diversity our community has to offer.

A BIG thank you to all people who participated, and a BIG thank you to the people of the team. Academy of Power wouldn’t have been what it is without you!