Sunday, August 26, 2012


Location: Klamath Falls, USA
Age: 18

Another singer-songwriter / acoustic leaning rock musician who's quickly getting the recognition he deserves with 4 tracks so far and most of them featured on EQD. He's got a great voice, well written original brony tracks, and a great sound to his music. He's clearly a brony musician worth hearing and we expect that once people do, you will be hearing a lot more of his name around.

Notable track: When Home Calls

Turquoise Splash

Location: Freemont, USA
Age: 19

A very impressive new brony rock musician who is quickly getting noticed by his peers for his great voice and original songs. He recently collaborated with with his idol Poni1Kenobi, a few other brony musicians (we are told a few collabs are in the works), and has released some excellent Forest Rain and Jackleapp covers. His great acoustic tracks are worth seeking out and we can proudly report that we think he is destined for great things with such great music with such a gentle touch.

Notable track: Polychromatic


Location: Columbia MD

"I make music because I love it. I live and breathe it. I make pony music because I think it's a great community and a great way to learn and improve." We've seen some nice house and progressive house from Error404, so keep an eye on this one. 

Notable Track: The Nigh

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Location: El Cajon, CA
Age: 30

Definitely deserving more attention than he gets, Warbalist produces quality rock, metal, acoustic and pretty much every other music type that features his amazing guitar skills. Not only that; he also ventures into ambient and electronic music (and sings, too)! So much variety! It's also worth mentioning that his wife is also a very talented artist. She has an amazing and powerful voice, which was featured in one of his covers, and at the same time - in my opinion - best song. Warbalist is also fond of collaborations in a many genre, not so long ago working with me (Matthew N.) on quite possibly my best song up to date. Don't think that I am any biased by this - just give him a listen and I bet you won't regret it!

Notable track: Vicious Lies (Symphonic Metal Cover) 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pencil Eraser


Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Age: 22

Pencil Eraser is a new musician on the pony scene who's tracks have an excellent punk rock vibe. It reminds one of Authority Zero or some of the old school Blink 182 songs. He's quite the master of punk, and has captured that no-holds-barred atmosphere in his music. Check him out!

Notable Track: Break

Sunday, August 12, 2012



Location: Denmark
Age: 19

"Hello! This is E.D - Brony Instrumental Musician. My style of play is varied, I like to try out new styles to play - Everything from Metal to Pop - I think most music is worth a fair shot and if you don't like it? Don't listen, I'm sure I'll come around to your genre at some point! I don't directly plan to do anything electronic only - though I do listen to it and create it personally. My music is more leaning towards Instrumental music with Guitar, Base 'n Drums!"

Notable Track: Shoot Like a Wonderbolt (Feat. Hergest Ridge)



Location: Austria
Age: N/A

If they are a one-trick pony it's a pretty awesome trick. MLP songs, with the sequenced MLP vids, with the show acapellas, on top of his awesome rock covers. Altogether they are a great way to view and hear some great brony rock and ska music.

Notable Track: Smile Song (Rock Cover)


deviantART (NSFW)

Location: Texas
Age: 15

Likes making music and creating visual effects. Does most of the visuals to his own songs, because originally was a PMVer.

Notable Track: Shadow Of A Flower Dubstep Remix (Feat. DJ MHM)


Location: Carlton, USA
Age: 21

Doing a wonderful job of mixing ambient (downtempo) with orchestral sounds, Eccentrifuge has done a good job producing original music that is gentle, well-constructed, and most importantly quite beautiful. Make sure to spend some time on his catalogue and fall in love with this wonderful music.

Notable track: Cadence's Heart 


Location: N/A
Age: N/A

A great mix of electronic, IDM beats, chiptune, and even some orchestral ,there's some great music coming from Toastwaffle. With SGAP and PPS as influences TW is trying hard to find a new way to emulate while still retaining a wonderful sense of personal style (and succeeding). Many people have already fallen in love with his music and I'm sure once you check it out you will too.

Notable track: Sweetie's Big Race (Toastwaffle's Remix) 


Location: USA
Age: 29

A newer brony who who has done a variety of recent covers of MLPtunes live on his Korg keyboard and Steinway piano. It's not the full orchestral treatment, but it's a great minimal versions via solo piano in a live setting, and with a lot of original embellishment to the music. One to watch.

Notable track: Markarian - This Day Aria (Live Piano Version)

Friday, August 10, 2012



Location: Hungary

Age: 13

IvoryStrike is a musician who mostly sticks to orchestral sonatas and piano solos, though he has been known to experiment with EDM from time to time. His piano prowess is incredibly evident upon hearing just a single one of his songs. His style tends to stay on the "sad" side with mostly minor chords and a slow progression, despite having an uncanny ability to portray a sense of hope. Listening to IvoryStrike play is truly a fascinating experience, one I'm sure all will enjoy.

Notable track: Pineapple_Sauce Factory:

Scarlett Peace


Location: N/A
Age: N/A

Scarlett Peace is perhaps one of the most interesting musicians in the brony community. Her music is perhaps best labeled as "indie / pop" and verging into synthpop, but there is truly so much more to it than that. Her songs provide a warm, soothing atmosphere that is sure to relax even the most stressed of individuals.

Notable Track: What we Have is Magic

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Location: Canberra, Australia
Age: 20

Time for something different this time around. S.A.S. Falcon specializes in orchestral, soundtrack kind of music you'd expect to find in movies and games. Very powerful, evocative and, I dare to say, epic. I am very surprised he's amongst the lesser knowns - he definitely deserves more listeners, with me joining the ranks of his subscribers right now.

Notable track: The Lunar War - From Rarity To Extinction

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Location: Detroit
Age: 18

Despite lacking a high quality mic, his verses are clear and convey their respective messages. Versal is a young MC, with his tracks depending and reflecting his mood at a given time. From what he told us, he's quite a determined brony and nothing will stop him from doing what he loves. Give him a listen, folks!

Notable track: (Rap) Story Of A Dash

Sprocket Doggingsworth


Location : New York
Age: 31

He's been making brony music since July 2011 and has been working on a history of Equestria album from Luna's point of view. Sprocket writes in a variety of different genres; from classical to rock, from blues to rap. His work appears in both the "Seeds of Kindness" and "Smile!" charity albums. He considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists he's met through the fandom.

Notable track: Equestrian National Anthem v2 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rhyme Flow / MC Flowny


Location: San Diego
Age: N/A

Being a relatively newborn hip-hop artist, MC Flowny bases his rap verses off other, well and lesser-known tracks, either by Rakim, Tupac, Mos Def, Pharaoh Monch and Wu-Tang, or artists on MyLittleRemix forums. However, that doesn't mean they are any similar. The lyrics fit the MLP themes perfectly. Why two names? Rhyme Flow > OC Name,  MC Flowny > Rapper Moniker. He's come a long way fast to become one of the community's best rappers.

Notable track:  Apples of My Eye

Monday, August 6, 2012

Orchestral Design


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 21

An orchestral musician who's been in the MLP community for a full year and he's attracted quite a large fan base at this point for his great work. In addition to his great music, there's some wonderful art and slide shows with his music, and he has one the most amazing home studios I've seen (see his 1K sub video).

Notable Track: Halloween in Ponyville

Sunday, August 5, 2012

KingSpartaX37/Delta Brony


Location: Hollywood, South Carolina
Age: 20

Do you like video games? KingSpartaX37 does and he has been making great mash-ups of old school video game music (Sonic, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong) combined with MLP themes to give a great fusion of both. They give a great layered chiptune sound to a community that doesn't have a load of artists who are dedicated to that sound or that may know these video game theme originals. He has moved on to become a master of Eurobeat music as well.

Notable track: White Park Act 2/Smile Remix



 Location: USA
Age: 18

Marina has burst onto the scene with a series of light-hearted tracks, parodies, and vocal gems. She's got a great singing voice, a penchant for bright pop, and a great knack for original lyric writing. She's only been with the community for a month but with a start like this we're sure she will be well known in no time.

Most Notable Track:: "Deejay Just Like Me"

Friday, August 3, 2012

BMD interviews Eurobeat Brony!

Hello everyone! We're finally done with the long-planned interview with Eurobeat Brony himself. Grab some food and drink, because this is going to be a lengthy one. 

It will provide you aspiring musicians with a lot of great information on how to improve yourself, get around in the music community and most importantly: be heard!