Sunday, March 10, 2013

Glitchhog / Strobe / Avenir

Bronies Australia

Location: South Australia
Age: 19

One of our great former authors and intial contibuters to BMD. Glitchhog was already an active columnist on Equestrian Rhythm before he joined BMD, and like most of us, was a brony musician as well. He specialized in jazz and piano-based pony music initially, but has put out great electronic music further along (including IDM), and is still a listener for EQD. He has collected his Rarity Kills Sweetie Belle EP on his bandcamp EP and is currently non-pony making progressive house under his Strobe moniker and now Avenir for pony music.

Notable Track: "The Distance"

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  1. Deleted the bit of comments in here. Short answer is that Strobe Poni is ok with the name change and there is no reason for anyone else to inject themselves in the conversation or to tell each other off. Thx