Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Update!!

Well we hit 25,000 views this week which is wonderful news. You may have noticed that we have a genre section now which should add some better search capabilities to this site. We will continue to play around with that and change it based on your feedback. I also have 3 new staff members who have jumped in to assist in helping run and update this site. A big thank you to Matthew N., LFP, and Emperor Übermensch for coming to my aid when I really needed it several weeks ago.

As always we rely on your submissions and comments to update the site and we will try to begin doing some interviews with some of our favorite brony musicians soon so we can know them even better than we initially did. Stay tuned, give us feedback, and we'll keep updating. Most of all just keep making music and we'll try to spotlight new or overlooked artists as we come across them.  

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