Sunday, June 30, 2013


Location: Chatham, Illinois
Age: 20

"Mesogears is an electronic musician and FL Studio user. He has no preferred genre, but he likes experimenting with different styles, sometimes drawing influences from multiple genres in a single track. He entered the Friendship is Magic fandom during the fall of 2011 and continues to draw inspiration from the show, even if his music is not strictly pony-related."

Notable track: Second in Command


  1. I have a new avatar now.

    Also, since MLR removed the discography section, that link can be removed as well, since it no longer works.

  2. Small update:

    -Age should be changed to 21
    -Bandcamp link should be removed, as it is now empty.
    -Replace the "Between the Two of Us" remix with this:
    -Remove "The Dizzitron."

  3. Hi, this is meso (I just changed my name).

    I would like to know if you could remove my entry. I don't identify as a brony musician (or even an mlp fan musician) anymore and will likely stop watching the show fairly soon.

    I've already messaged Freewave about this on Skype. I respect brony musicians, but I don't consider myself one anymore and I'd really appreciate if one of you guys could get rid of my entry.