Friday, August 16, 2013



Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Age: 22

"BronyMike has been prominent in several aspects of the brony community. Originally a PMV maker, he's always enjoyed singing and now mostly makes vocal covers of pony songs on Youtube. He's also created silly remixes of songs such as Rainbow Factory and Sweetie's Big Race using kazoos, slide whistles, and other unconventional instruments. That said, his greatest claim to fame is still "He was that guy in the first 'Bronies React' video." BronyMike is known for giving out kazoos at conventions, and is a voice actor on numerous pony projects, including Friendship Is Witchcraft, Ponyscopes, and "Flim And Flam Make It Big!". He was in the Pony Swag Megamix and he's performed music sets at BronyCon and Everfree Northwest. Aside from his remixes and covers, he's also produced various original tracks, such as "Parts of the Pony" and the album "Randy Newmane Presents: MLPFIM Season 1".

Notable track: The PArts of a Pony : 

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