Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Freewave Album

Hey I've got a new album so am putting it on my blog here to get a little promotion for it. Hope you check it out.
Songs of My People by Freewave

Welcome to my fifth album, this time a whole album centered around the guitar. I’ve done a fair amount of EDM over the last couple of years but i finally wanted to do an album around all kinds of other genres; alternative rock, shoegaze, surf rock, heavy metal, folk, funk, blues, and country. Stuff you don’t always see too many bronies doing. This gave me an opportunity to try more song writing, production, and singing this time around. I’m still learning but this was a fun new project. Some tracks are remastered oldies but many are brand new tracks.

As always this is a free release, but If you can throw a few bits my way to cover upcoming convention and bandcamp expenses it would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy!

A big thanks to several friends who helped out on vocals and more: Evdog, Julian Moon, SylverLining, Terolie, Mathematicus, Bloo, and AndanteSkie.

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