Sunday, May 3, 2015



Location: Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
Age: 17

My name is SHÜ77ERFLY, and i am a seventeen year old brony musician. I have produced under this alias for over four years. I produce electronic dance music. Unlike most other brony EDM producers, i produce more club music then festival music. I don't make dubstep or house often because i prefer genres like Hardstyle and Trance, which are the genres i make. As for people in the community that i know who support me, i am close friends with Raging Rarity, REDD, and Royalpony. My music has been featured on Equestria Daily three times, and my music is on Canterlot Hill Radio. My music contains both digital and analog synthesizers and a mixture of other instruments.

Notable Tracks:PPSFR

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