Sunday, March 16, 2014



Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Age: 31

Launching into the MLP:FiM music scene in early 2012 with his remix of Glaze's “Pinkie's Lie”, Automatic Jack has since become one of the most versatile Brony musicians in the fandom. From Dubstep to House, Hip-Hop to Electro Metal, Hard Rock to Cybergrind, his musical style and live shows share two very distinct traits: LOUD and ROWDY!! On stage he is a monster, bringing such a high degree of energy to the performance that it borders on insanity. Spinning nothing but original tracks and remixes, Automatic Jack loads the Bass Cannon with pure AWESOME and blasts the crowd right off their hooves with it. As a drummer he has backed many brony artists and is a veteran of Summer 2013's Musiquestria Tour.

Notable Track: Glaze - Pinkie's Lie (ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK Remix)


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