Sunday, May 27, 2012

CK / ArcaneSoul


Location: USA
Age: 18

Quite often jumping back and forth between making pony and non-pony tracks, CK's first track, "Discord Theme" might be their most well known but they've made quite a few since and grown musically. Well worth diving in and checking their vast EDM catalog.

Notable track: Fluttershy model mix (CK RMX)


  1. Dude, i just typed in my name to see this wonderful page :D

    Thanks for putting me on here. I have lately been sticking with just arcanesoul for now since i have completely ditched that name after my senior project album.

    Hehe, and yes i do make pony tracks on and off though i haven't been much lately. Pony tracks for me can be kind of difficult since sometimes they don't have the feel. Plus, i don't really like remixing the songs from the show since they well, and im not hating them but kind of too cheezy for my software. When i remix, i usually do it for a fan song that unfortunately usually isn't put on eq daily any more like rainbow factory and ftnlr

    I am getting there though. Almost every 3 tracks i am getting better and better :P

    I may actually start following your forums just because of this. This is awesome /)^3^(\

  2. Oh whoops nvm, i was thinking the forums were from you guys XD

    Still, i wanna follow you guys somehow ;__;