Sunday, May 20, 2012



Location: Wisconsin
Age: 16
DAW of choice: Ableton/Reason

Cola may have only put out 3 tracks for several months now, but he's a well known brony musician to many. His music varies in genre ranging from dark and hard in Everfree, to light and atmospheric in Snowy Equestria Night, to dreamy and Pogo-esque in Fluttershy's Rhapsody. His extensive musical knowledge/experience shines through in songs like Everfree and Fluttershy's Rhapsody, breaking free from overused chord progressions and using chords that accompany the melody in an almost poetic way. His chiptune-inspired songs have caught the attention of Pinkiepieswear, Alex S, and Daniel Ingram, who commented on his song Fluttershy's Rhapsody saying "Fluttershy Trance! Love it. Really good production too. Well done!".

Notable Track: Fluttershy's Rhapsody

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