Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Post-Balloon Party Events

Well Balloon Party is over as an event to submit to. Hopefully anyone who was working on going to bronycon and needing a little help has sent in a form for assistance while funds continue to pour in.

- Bronies that need the financial assistance send an official request in.
- BP funds cover the musicians needing assistance on a first come, first serve basis.
- Any surplus funds are donated to charity.

Anyways there are plenty of new projects popping up to fill its absence. Check em out below;

Balloon After Party A great place for those entries that didn't make it to get a second chance (and perhaps get a bit cleaned up) and for anyone who didn't complete a track initially to get involved. Clearly there's more tracks that didn't make the cut then that did so it's a great place to see those tracks get heard. Same concept as the original Balloon Party. Due date July 1st.

Pinkamina Party Was Balloon Party not hard enough for you? Then try something a bit harder and darker. With Supersaw Hoover as the organizer expect to bring the noise and to be rather hardcore. It will be electronic focused so get your track ready.  Due date Aug 1st.

Cowbell Party Not enough cowbell on Balloon Party for you? Well your chance to get more cowbell may soon be a reality. Check out this project for all your needs. Due date OVER NOWWWWW!

100% Modern Talking Were you upset that Balloon Party was so against Modern Talking.? Now you have a chance to add some of that Massive effect to your track. No idea on a due date but get your track ready brony.

Faithful and Strong Is Balloon Party just too hard for your liking? Would you like something that's more gentle and caring? Get involved with the third charity album from who brought you Seeds of Kindness. Again it's for charity so get involved if you wanna help those who could use some help. Due date Aug 25th.

And keep your eyes peeled for Remix Wars this summer!!

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