Monday, June 4, 2012

TheDumplingz / Pipsqueak


Location: UK
Age: 14

TheDumplingz (or Pipsqueak as he's also known), is a young, multi-talented musician and rapper. His music varies in genre and his rapping improves with every new release. He has done a variety of collaborations with other musicians/rappers such as YellingAtCats. TheDumplpingz just put a new album out, "The Tree Delusion" on bandcamp. With a mix of original electronic, hip-hop, and orchestral; it's a rather well-rounded and impressive debut from this young english brony.As always he's got a load of tracks on his youtube to check out.

Notable track: Shining Sacrifice


  1. Hey, for the age, all of those songs were made when i was 13, i'm 14 now :3.