Monday, July 16, 2012

Emperor Übermensch/Ed Viper

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 18

His favourite genre being UK Step (the British style of dubstep), Emperor Übermensch came with the infamous third wave of brony artists that has hard time getting out there in the open. Despite being a very young producer, he's learning fast and his powerful garage beats may be to your liking. He was forced to leave the community a while back due to personal reasons, but has now returned under the alias "Ed Viper".


  1. Please note that Emp was a great member of our staff but due to personal reason has had to leave not only our site but the community. We will truly miss his contributions and his presence. More info here.

  2. Emperor Übermensch returned a while back, now under the name "Ed Viper".

  3. Some new links for you guys: (soundcloud) (Tumblr)

    Also I'm 19 now.