Monday, September 3, 2012

Site News

Hey just a heads up to anyone who cares. The Brony Music Directory recently lost Emperor Übermensch as part of our staff as his father has basically cut him off from a lot of contact from the outside world while he goes to college (you can read up on that on the thread from mlr). We are pretty upset by this news and will really miss having him around. Also Matthew N. is going to be away from his home and away on a work related business trip so we will have to make due without one of our most important contributors. We will keep trying to do weekly updates (and we have a few this week) so please be aware of our situation while we try to make do. We appreciate your support.

Oh and the Second Chances has been extended to include any tracks that you may have for all of July and through August 15 with less than 1000 views. If you have one that qualifies then please enter it! Tell your friends and please throw some support our way if you can.

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