Saturday, September 7, 2013



Location: United States, Michigan
Age: 18

"Most of the MLP music I create are 8-Bit chiptune covers of songs from the show. The rest of the time, I either create music, usually short orchestral or symphonic themes, inspired by the show or on the very slight occasion, record metal versions of the songs from the show. My favorite MLP songs to arrange for 8-Bit are usually the longer, more dramatic songs from the show. Otherwise as a professional musician I am studying to earn both my Music Education and Composition degrees while playing double bass as my main instrument and tuba as well. What I enjoy most is using incredibly low tones in all of the songs I create/arrange, so for proper enjoyment please listen on something that has the capability of displaying the bottom of the human hearing range!"

Notable track (A True, True Friend 8-Bit):

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