Friday, December 6, 2013

FimMusic has Launched!

So I think its about time to put a post on here about FimMusic which is the blog that several of us have put together as a news blog for both the Brony Musician Directory and MyLittleRemix.

We designed it so we could talk and blog about events, musicians, and things that happen on MLR and outside of it in the brony community. It's very much a music site designed by musicians for other musicians and those who still actively listen to and make this music in this community. We'd like to think that we can help get a little more visibility for those who need it as a community music blog. Just like on MLR its fun to be active and enthusiastic about the music we are still making about mlp. It's important to see what others are doing and what's going on in the community.

I won't kid anyone; while we're "officially" launching this blog this week and we have a few weeks of posts to show what kind of things we want to highlight and how it will look its going to be a real uphill battle to make it worth the time and to be even noticed by those who'd be interested in reading it. It takes a staff of people writing and blogging and an audience to want to read, subscribe, and reblog what we put out. If there's something you want to see that's not on there let us know (submit news to us). If you want to join in and help, please do so as we still need active people and affiliates. If you have some things which you think should be done a little better we are quite willing to listen. What we really could use is any support in getting this site visible so that people know its there getting a base readership and word of mouth to keep it going. We hope you check us out and continue to watch it grow.

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