Thursday, March 1, 2012


Jazz is a genre that took rather long time to make its way into the brony community and is one of the oldest genres. Well, it's here to stay and some bronies are doing a wonderful job at it. While its use of a horn section is one of its most redeeming values, there's actually a load of ways and instruments that can be used, but ultimately improvisation is the key. Like classical music it may not be for everyone, but it's smashing to listen to at a cocktail party with your dad as it caters to a sophisticated musical taste. Give it a chance and you'll find that just about any music could use a little more sax.

Check out these artists who specialize in this style of music.

Feel free to recommend some artists not included in here (these artists specialize in it) or include up to 10 of your favorite acoustic tracks  in the comments section (for an eventual best of countdown). 


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