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A great way to listen to new and unheard of tracks via streaming channels and weekly episodes and podcasts. For musicians it's just another place to recommend submitting your music to reach a larger audience.

At this point Ponyville Live! is the website that brings all brony radio stations together. It's made it much easier to find all the channels that are current for the fandom. What's below is an archive of what we posted in the past.

 Celestria Radio only plays music that is licensed to them directly by the artists. Celestia Radio’s playlists are all set to “shuffle" meaning that songs are randomly pulled from the playlist and played in no particular order. Register and upload your songs at (be sure that the “airable” option is checked for your songs for you songs) to be added to their database. Tracks in the database are downloadable as mp3's.

Hooflander teamed up PHPony (webmaster) to get Celestia Radio from an idea, into reality. Prison joined Celestia Radio shortly after it got off the ground and can be found doing live DJing in the evenings. DJ Shamrock (new owner) can be found doing live DJ sessions in the morning and mid afternoon on weekdays.

Fillydelphia Radio was created to provide an alternative to other radio stations, with DJ sessions, more variety, less ads, and more music.The stream was created on the 7th of December, 2011, and featured on EqD on 8th of February, 2012.

Contact them to get your music added to the Derpy Request System. It will take requests, play from their queue, allow track ratings, and fill in for any dj's not on the air. Sunday's at 8 pm EST is the NSFW Fillycast where the format and the rules go out the window and the fur flies.

WestJ is the is the owner and administrator of Fillydelphia Radio, Nexus is the co-founder. CynicalMuse, Mulberry Metal, Invader, HockeyPony, Otakon, and Sujamma are the other live DJs you will find on the station. All DJs are operators in the chat. Most DJs will accept live requests.  

Everfree Radio is committed to providing high-quality, insightful, fun, and professional content for the MLP online fan community. They provide original, quality programming to promote and expand the online Brony fandom.  They also provide a virtual forum for and interviews with musicians, artists, journalists, voice actors, and broadcasters to share their contributions with other fans and the internet as a whole. They do weekly youtubed hour + episodes that spotlights all of the brony fandom. 

Large staff that includes Final Draft (Broadcast Director, Host), Eight Track (Production and Technical Director), Crescendo (co-host), One-Trick (Program Director), and even Mandopony as resident musician.

Everypony Radio is part forum and part chat, with music posted via embedded video vs a regular stream. You will see some pmv's on there and they are big fans of PonySquare and interactive radio.

They do have regular dj's that join in and control the setlists (they are randomized when they are not on the air) that include EverponyBistro, FlashyPony, DjFoxyTail, Dj_Zephyr who will play their own selections for your viewing pleasure.


Bronyville is set up as individual podcasted talk radio, with some music and musician interviews (depending on the week) as well as general brony news and talk. They have a large IRC chat during their show.

Apple Cider and Chef Sandy are the main voices behind Bronyshow.

Cloudsdale Radio (also known as Team 9000 Radio) has a steady stream of brony music in good quality as well as rating system for tracks. Also has a forum, chat, and links to video game servers.

Bronyradio is a stripped down but quite functional radio station. Good quality streaming that shows what tracks are playing in real-time and what you just missed or heard from a few tracks ago.

Every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST the Reading Rainboom show will premier on EverFree Radio. The point of the show is to read mlp fanfics in the style of old-school radio dramas. We have some pretty well known voice actors working on this with us, including ProjectSNT, Rina-Chan, and Rev897. These guys have been in things like "Epic Cupcake time" the .mov series and "fighting is magic". The link to the program can be found here. Our youtube channel is: here.

Broadcasting every Monday through Thursday, and every other Friday, at 6pm to 8pm (CST) live on an internet stream, Radio is Magic will be bringing you a range of songs, stories and radio dramas created by the members of the community. Talk shows on the latest, and greatest, Brony topics; and also on-the-air-forums where listeners can send in topics and ideas for our panel of 'experts' to discuss. Every episode will also be recorded and put into a podcast.

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    DJ-PON3 Radio
    Ponies Music

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  3. Fillydelphia Radio

  4. The Hive Radio

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  7. PowerPonies Radio (also at PonyvilleLive)

  8. Contact me for guitar and pony music collaborations. Audiowave Dasher on youtube