Thursday, March 1, 2012

Remix Wars

What brought the mylittleremix site together (as home to hundreds of MLP artists) was a set of remix competitions called Remix Wars (originating in June 2011) which resulted in 4 rounds of community remixes over several months where the community openly collaborated with each other remixing each other's work. This spirit continues to this day with many great tracks continuing to get the remix treatment by new and old artists.   

Remix Wars V is a go!

Round V - Genre Swap

“Let me fix your music”

The purpose of this event is just the same as the last four - this time around it’s very simple: find a song made by another musician in the community that you like and remix/rewrite it in your own preferred style and genre. This remix war will be different in that only ONE remix will be accepted per person due to the large amount of submissions we expect. You can participate in one remix and one collab total."

Completion date - September 1st.

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  1. so, when and/or where is this being released? it's been a while since september first and i haven't heard anything about this at all since then.