Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Age: 17

Colortwelve is still pretty new to the scene, mainly specializing in progressive house, with Deadmau5-like builds and simple chord progressions. Though the majority of his work is collaborative, he continues to put out good pony-centered tracks, mostly on his SoundCloud account.

Notable track:  Streets of Manehattan


  1. Meh, might as well suggest a bit of cleanup, because I'm bored and stuff:

    Age: 17

    My logo (if you wanna update the image, because I stopped using that steampunk Scootaloo):

    Links to some newer (and, according to me, not half-terrible) tracks: (Streets of Manehattan) ('Artificial Perfection' remix) (Changeling Hive) (Kyoga Sleeps)

    Stuff you might want to add to my description (:P):
    -The only consistent aspects of my music are deadmau5-style buildups and simple chord progressions, genre is barely a concept for me
    -Most of my work is collaborative

    1. Alright, I changed some things around for you. I'll enter those last two songs once I figure out how to embed soundcloud links on Blogger. I apologize for my ineptitude.

  2. There! I just saw that the SoundCould links were missing, so I added them quickly. Sorry that it took so long :/