Thursday, April 19, 2012


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This is a difficult entry, as it's about a brony artist who had a sizable fanbase on Youtube for his electronic music before abruptly having his account deleted by youtube for copyright infrindgement. There is sizable evidence that he stole a free song from someone on Newgrounds and uploaded it on his Youtube channel in its entirety under his own name without giving any credits to the actual creator. His music now only exists via previous uploads on the official pony torrent and any uploaded zips, but without any real idea of how much of that great music was their own. It really taints anything they put out for us (one bad apple spoils the bunch) which is sad because this music was quite good.

Notable example: Theme of Twilight

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  1. pRK has since abandoned the name after all of the negativity, but he does still produce (new) music in the brony fandom under a new name.